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Are you selling chestnuts? Can you bring chestnuts to me and plant them?

We aren't selling chestnuts, and we probably can't come help you plant nuts. We aren't a chestnut supplier. Our goal for this project is to help groups around the country and internationally organize to acquire and plant their own nuts. We are here to help with this process as much as we can, but finding and planting nuts will be up to you and your community.

What kind of chestnuts do you recommend planting?

Do you have recommendations for taking care of chestnuts?


We're still learning. For our personal planting this year, we're using mostly Belle Epine. But we're hoping to breed out of cultivars, because the notion of a cultivar is pretty problematic.

How so?

What will keep the chestnuts you're planting from being wiped out by blight?

When should I be planting chestnuts?

Is it feasible to plant chestnuts in my location?

We've selected chestnuts for this project in part because they can grow in many places, but they may or may not be feasible for your location. You may need to do some research to find out!

This map shows the distribution of chestnut suppliers in the United States. If there are suppliers near your location, chestnuts can likely grow there.

Can you recommend resources for starting a chestnut nursery?

Can you recommend resources about how Indigenous Americans built the American chestnut forests?

Can you advise best practices for creating/maintaining a compost pile?