One Million Chestnuts: A Proposal

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The Million Chestnut Project is an effort to plant accessible, perennial, easily-harvested food crops (mostly chestnuts) in cities and neighborhoods, in order to build community capacity, combat food scarcity, and compensate for anticipated disruptions in mainstream agriculture. The work is done by community members, who form autonomous, collaborative groups, then work together to acquire nuts, plant them, tend the trees which grow, harvest nuts, and share food with their communities.

This project is for everyone, not just experienced gardeners.

There are lots of ways to get involved.

  • You might be interested in the actual gardening
  • You might have land available for planting
  • You might have experience facilitating groups
  • You might have connections to local organizations, churches, or schools
  • You might be excellent at community outreach or volunteer coordination
  • You might have writing or research skills to contribute
  • You might like to cook for your group’s planting parties
  • You might be interesting in harvesting chestnuts
  • You might be interesting in processing or milling nuts into flour
  • You might want to help us maintain this Wiki or our other online tools
  • And so on!

Time commitments will vary, and that’s great: we want people to participate as much as they’d like, in the ways they choose.

The Million Chestnut Project is organized via our forum, which provides a collaborative organizing space.